About The SHOW

The art of the Chinese Traditional Orchestra has experienced an evolution from folk to professional and from traditional to modern from the 20th century until now. The Enchanting China Music Gala is a comprehensive performance centered on the Chinese traditional orchestra. Multiple artistic expressions and the application of stage technology highlight the diverse features of the times, nationalities, modernity and innovation.

The sound of music when East meets West ─ The performance strives to show the charm of Chinese traditional music, the elegant humanistic feelings, the fashionable musical language through Chinese traditional folk dance, Chinese musical instruments and Western classical instruments. Audiences will hear a musical dialogue between a Chinese vocalist and an American soprano.

The Enchanting China Music Gala is divided into Feng Ya Yue Yun, Duo Cai Min Feng, Fen Mo Xi Cai and Yue He Si Lu four chapters. Chapter Feng Ya Yue Yun reflects the civilization details and feelings of a grand cultural nation. In this chapter we “reshape” the most classic works of Chinese traditional music and demonstrate the essence of Chinese culture using multiple artistic elements and integrating innovation. Main tracks: 《National Custom》, 《A Moonlit Night on the Spring River》,《Upset》,《Mountain Ghost》.

PreSale & OnSale
Tue Dec. 19th @ 12pm – Wed Dec. 20th @ 10pm

Public On sale:
Thursday Dec. 21st @ 10am
No audio or video recording of any kind is allowed during the performance.        No cameras.        Call (323) 308-6300 for more information.