About The SHOW

Farzad Farzin (Persian: فرزاد فرزین born June 24, 1981 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian pop singer and actor. He Started his professional activities in music on 2001 with cruise band, after that because of some personal reasons left the band and decided to work on his own album ( sharareh ) , he started working on sharareh "the album" , sharareh after 3 years released on 2004 . the sharareh Tracks were composed by Farzad himself and yashar sabahi and ali sabet, the album mix & mastered by Arzhang haghani, the album Sponsored by LG Company, Mr. Abedini & Farbod maadani.
after sharareh Farzad began to work on his new album named TAGHIB , after 7 month of composing, Arrangement and working on his new album unfortunately, the album published on websites, the group or person that published the album is unknown ! Farzad decided to Work on another album with a new team of the best composers, Poets and … for a Professional Production. The album named " SHOCK". We Believe that it is a work of Art ! Shock Currently Released.

Farzad Farzin had offers to act in lots of movies , the first offer was from Mr.Gharizadeh (Director) to act on his movie named (Pesarane Ajori). He appeared in Pesarane ajori as an actor and played the role of a singer in pesarane ajori . Also before this movie, many years ago Farzad appeared on a Telefilm directed by Arsalan Amirhosseini. by the way Farzad Directed many short-films.
Studio albums:
Sharareh (2005)
Shock (2008)
Shans (2010)
Shelik (2012)

No audio or video recording of any kind is allowed during the performance.        No cameras.        Call (323) 308-6300 for more information.