Paquita La Del Barrio LIVE

Paquita la del Barrio, a Mexican Grammy nominated singer of rancheras and other Mexican styles, became a celebrity after she decided to move from her native Veracruz to Mexico City in 1970. Her live performance, mainly based on feminist songs with lyrics that are aggressive toward macho attitudes, seduced followers from all around the country. Even when her first records didn't achieve a top-selling status, Paquita la del Barrio became one of the most interesting local personalities. Many of Paquita's albums and songs are jukebox staples in Mexican clubs and cantinas. Many admirers, particularly outside Mexico, also appreciate her for her camp value.

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Wed, Jan. 31 @ 10am – Thu, Feb 1 10pm

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Friday, February 2 @ 10AM
No audio or video recording of any kind is allowed during the performance.        No cameras.        Call (323) 308-6300 for more information.