About The SHOW

Shahkar’s “Concert for Cultural Unity” is a humanitarian event with his messages of peace, love, freedom and unity that will be accompanied by an orchestra, dancers and a multi-level stage. Shahkar Bineshpajooh is a gifted intellectual, singer/songwriter, composer and musician who has been referred to as the Frank Sinatra of Persia. He performs his original music in Farsi, drawing sold out crowds around the globe. He also sings classic covers in English and Spanish, sometimes as duets with popular guest performers. 

A portion of net concert proceeds from ticket sales (10% split equally) go towards the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Pars Equality Center (PEC).    

About Shahkar
Dr. Shahkar Bineshpajooh, known simply as “Shahkar” to his many fans around the globe, is a Persian pop singing sensation. Performing original music and standard classics in his signature tuxedos has earned him the reputation of an Iranian Frank Sinatra. Born as an only child in Tehran, this singer/songwriter, composer and musician is also a poet and university lecturer with a Ph.D. Before he was born, his parents had decided to name him Shahkar, which translates to “masterpiece.” At the age of 15, growing up in a tumultuous political environment, he found solace in writing poetry, and eventually, in music. He had never received any formal musical training and became self-taught in guitar, piano and drums. He then studied political geography, urban planning, and music composition, immersing himself in these academic fields while producing several albums of music and books of poetry, which were mostly banned by the Iranian government. In 2002, he received a Ph.D. in Urban Planning with high honors, and the Iranian Department of Education officially named him the youngest student in the Doctorate program. He emigrated to the United States in 2013 under the EB-1 “Extraordinary Ability” Visa. He currently resides in Los Angeles, and he performs his music whenever possible to continue spreading humanitarian messages of unity, freedom and peace.

No audio or video recording of any kind is allowed during the performance.        No cameras.        Call (323) 308-6300 for more information.